Hi Cakerings!

We want to begin working out the ideal times for our players by testing the times with our exclusive Draft War of Emperium game!

What is Draft War of Emperium?

In short, it’s very similar to regular War of Emperium, except we take the “having the guild” part out of the equation.  Everyone who wants to play is able to with ease!  The only requirement being that your character is a max level (99).  To find out all of the juicy details on Draft War of Emperium, please check out our Wiki Page here. 

The goal is to have 2x times on Saturday & Sunday (to benefit both PH Players and EU/American players).  This poll is to help us figure out the best starting point.  When it comes to Guild WoE and the introduction of “Agit Masters” we want to have a ton of War of Emperium going on!  There’ll always be a time for Draft WoE though! (it’s our favorite).

Please let us know the best time frame for you in the poll below.  <3

What WoE Time Slot Works Best? (Saturday & Sunday)

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