Changelog September 11, 2020

Hi Cakerings!

A little bit of a late maintenance this week, my kiddos went back to school today so yesterday was absolute MAYHEM! Hah.   Anywho, here’s some updates:

Misc Updates:

  • Removed Walking NPC’s from Centralia (They’ll be placed somewhere else)
  • Teleport restriction Removed from kh_dun01
  • VIP Pet Exchange added to the Marketplace.  The new pet eggs will work with Autofeed.
  • MVP Kills are now worth 10 points.  This makes the sharing of points activate when in a party.
  • Piles of Leaves now offer a higher chance of getting Minigame Tokens

Hat Updates:

  • Robo Eyes & Satanic Chan quest added
  • It’s now easier to preview hats and see their quest requirements in the Hat Guild
  • Well Chewed Pencil now gives +2 Dex

Event Updates:

  • Back to School event ends September 16!
  • September Event ends October 1

Calling all parties: Have you tried out the Survive the Invasion instance?

We’re getting ready for Halloween around here — We’re super stoked for the next seasonal event.  Expect a teaser video next week!

We want to get started with War of Emperium, help us out by voting in our poll:


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