Changelog – September 17, 2020

Hi Cakerings!

Here’s the updates that came with today’s restart:

NPC Updates: 

  • Back to School Event is now closed! (You got an extra day out of it!)
  • New Event Reward NPC implemented.  GM’s will use this NPC to issue GM Hosted Event Prizes.  Located in Centralia, near the Donation Redemption NPC.

Event Updates: 

  • Survival Arena Has been updated!
    • It’s easier!
    • Hard mode enabled
  • September Event ends on October 1, so get those fall hats while you still can!
  • October 1 will bring some spooky updates, I hope you’re ready! (Expect a teaser video soon!)

Misc Changes:

  • [Bugfix] – Token of Siegried works now (regardless of which one it is)
  • [Request]  – Healer Added to Jawaii
  • [Update] – @go Jawaii moved to where the NPC’s are
  • [Update] – +10 Foods now weigh 50 instead of 100
  • [Bugfix] – Unlimited Fly Wing disabled in Survival Arena
  • [Bugfix] – Removed Boss and Non-Boss from Race of the Day NPC

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