Welcome to CakeRO!
The Sweetest Ragnarok Server Alive!

Rates: 30x/30x/20x
Normal Card Droprate: .2%
MVP & Mini-boss Card Droprate: .01%
Quest Experience: 5x
Party Bonus: 25%

Episode: 13.3
Max Levels: 99/70
Max ASPD: 190
Guild Cap: 18
Max Share Level: 20
Max Party Size: 30
Custom Main Town! Centralia
Job Changer

Battlegrounds 3.0
Seasonal Festivals
Draft War of Emperium
Extended Vending
Extended Restock System
Daily Hat Quests
Random Option Gears

Event Shops
Hourly Rewards (Not Point Based!)
Claw Machine & Automated Mini Games
GM Hosted Events
Discord Events
VIP Monthly Rewards

Battlegrounds 3.0
Battlegrounds Cases (Win 1 Case Per 5 BG Wins)
Custom BG Commands (Duo Queue with a friend!)
Battlegrounds Ranking Rewards
Custom Battlegrounds Shops

War of Emperium:
Rental Gear
WoE Ranking Rewards
AGIT Masters (Real Cash Prizes!)
King of the Castle

Enjoy Daily Hat quests (randomized per character!), standard quests, custom mob drops (hats of course!) and a costume trunk to let you convert any hat into a costume!
Change your look with over 2500 palettes and custom skin colors!
Skill Adjustments & Drop Rates
We've made a few minor adjustments to some skills, for example enjoy Random Options on Whitesmith's forged weapons. We've also lowered the drop rate for some higher-end gear.
You'll thank us later, we promise!
Win REAL cash prizes at the end of every month for being the best guild alive! Participate in King of the Castle, War of Emperium FE & SE for a chance at your guild's shot for glory!
Participate in 10 different Battlegrounds Games. Enjoy custom commands and exclusive Battlegrounds Shops. Duo-queue with a friend or party. Utilize free potions in matches to you can save on the stuff that really counts.
Bonus: Battlegrounds Reward boxes rewarded after 5 successful wins. Get exclusive BG headgears & auras!
We want to make your life a little easier. Along with the basic commands such as @go & @storage, enjoy the following commands!
@autopot, @restock, @joinbg, @autobg, @partybg, @lgp, @aoes, @square, @circle, @packetfilter .. & More!

Get even more with a VIP Account!


  • All Forged Weapons now come with Random Options.  The players Rank determines how many random options will be added to the weapon
    • Blacksmith Rank: 1-5 = 3 Random Options
    • Blacksmith Rank: 6 – 10 = 2 Random Options
    • Blacksmith Unranked: 1 Random Options
  • Mammonite Zeny Cost reduced to 0
  • Cart Termination Zeny Cost reduced to 500z at Level 5


  • Mammonite Zeny Cost Reduced to 0
  • Added Twilight Alchemy 4, 5, & 6
    • Allows the creation of Essential Bottles in bulk (Bottle Grenades, Acid Bottles, Glistening Coats, Marine Sphere Bottles, Plant Bottles)

Soul Linker:

  • Can use offensive skills on players

Drop Adjustments:

  • All MVP Dropped Equips have been lowered to 1x as opposed to 20x.
  • Mavka Witherless Rose Drop: Lowered to 12%
  • Orleans Glove Drop Lowered to .5%
  • Diabolus Ring [1] Lowered to .5%

Mob Adjustments:

  • Metamorphosis Disabled from Mi Gao’s

Item Price Adjustments:

Mastela Fruit – 2,125z Royal Jelly – 1,750z
Pearl – 1,500z Ruby – 1,500z
Opal – 1,500z Sardonyx – 1,500
Sapphire – 1,500z Zircon – 1,500
1carat Diamond – 2,500z 2carat Diamond – 6,250z
3carat Diamond – 13,750 Crystal Mirror – 7,500z
Witherless Rose – 13,750z Frozen Rose – 8,750z
Stiletto – 4,875z Undershirt – 5,000z
Skull Ring – 2,500z Gold Ring – 7,500z
Silver Ring – 5,000z Diamond Ring – 11,250z
Crest Piece – 1,250z Stone of Sage – 25,000

Basic Commands:

@autoloot (id, type) | @autotrade | @party | @breakguild | @showexp | @go | @hominfo | @homstats | @ii (Iteminfo) | @load | @noask | @noks | @rates | @refresh | @request | @showdelay | @showzeny | @storage (disabled in WoE) | @time | @uptime | @whereis | @whodrops | @whosell (whosells) | @duel | @battleinfo | @listenbg

Exclusive cRO Commands:

@lgp | @aoes | @circle | @square | @nomelee (prevents you from auto-attacking) | @woestats | @woerank | @packetfilter

BG Commands:

@bgskill | @bgrank  | @bgstats | @duoqueue (always get placed in the same bg game as a friend!) | @autobg (no need to type @joinbg every single time!) | @voteleader (change the party leader for BG) | @joinred/blueteam (allows you to pick a side!)

Being a VIP Player has its perks! 

  • @font (change your font)
  • @me
  • @pettalk
  • @shopjump (jump to a particular shop you searched for using @whosells)
  • @storeit (Store all of your items on the go!)
  • @storage 2 & 3 (extra storages for you!)
  • @colornick (change the name of your character name)

VIP does have other additional perks — Link coming soon!

Location: Centralia 52,173

Quest turn-ins, Costumes, and even a headgear Colorist! Hat. Overload.
costumes r’ Us

Your one-stop-shop for costume headgears.  Nifty quests that grant you the opportunity to upgrade your hat status.  We all know Ragnarok Online is all about hats. The prettier the better!

dress room

Utilizing some Costume Tickets, upgrade your character’s look by transforming into the clothes of its corresponding 3rd class or jRO alternate costume (as soon as 4th Job Sprites are released, we’ll have these too!)

Costume Trunk

Using Costume Tickets, simply type in the desired headgear ID and create an instant costume.  All official kRO headgears are able to be costumed while our custom headgears are blacklisted!

Have a headgear in your inventory?  Simply use the trunk to convert it into a Costume for a zeny fee (or FREE if you’re a VIP!) 



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