DAYSSeptember 4, 2020
What is Draft war of emperium?
free for all war of emperium
No formal guilds required.  Does not count towards AGIT Masters.
The Draft War of Emperium (also known as Draft WoE) is a weekly Guild vs Guild event organized in cooperation by the CakeRO Staff and the players. Draft WoE involves being selected by a Captain to join one of the teams, and then competing with other the other teams in a regular War of Emperium environment. All participants in the Draft WoE will receive:
  • 200 Bravery Badges
  • 1x Costume Ticket and
  • 1x Bloody Branch
In order to participate, you must join the CakeRO Discord: https://discord.gg/NYqejGy
why draft woe?

Having Draft WoE allows us to observe and find the perfect time for Guild War of Emperium.  Since our plan is to offer a competitive space for Guilds, we want to ensure we have the best times to play!  Draft helps test this out!

Everyone can play!  (As long as you’re a max level character!)  Our automated system allows players to volunteer as a captain, or if no captains are present, the game will select captains at random.  Don’t have gear? That’s ok!  Use the free WoE rental NPC.

Mark your calendars!  We will be hosting Draft WoE a few times throughout the next few weeks to pinpoint the best time for our normally scheduled WoE times.  We understand our players have obligations elsewhere!



These packages are only available for players who have played on CakeRO for less than 1 month but more than 5 days.

All players are allowed to apply for the Individual Package.  Only Guild Leaders may apply for the Guild Package.

How to Apply
Guild Leaders:
  1. Fill out the Guild Leader application to completion.  All fields must be submitted to qualify.  Your application will be automatically denied if this application is incomplete.
  2. Guilds must have a least 8 active members
  3. Multiple accounts under the same Mac IP will count as 1 player.  No duplicate accounts allowed.
  4. You will be notified via email within 48 hours of form completion whether or not your guild application has been accepted.
Individual Players
  1. Players may apply for this package once.
  2. Items are account bound ( cannot be traded )
  3. You will receive a confirmation code in the email you completed the form with.  So be sure to submit a proper email address.
CakeRO Guild Migration Package
Guild Pack
10x Enriched Eluminum
10x Enriched Oridecon
8x Siege Mode Pack
8x Veteran Siege Supply Box
1500 Cash Points
1x Bubble Gum
1x Battle Manual
1x Gear Box:  (Account Bound)

  • 1x Sunglasses [1]
  • 2x Gloves[1]
  • 1x Wool Scarf [1]
  • 1x Tidal Shoes [1]

1x Card Box:  (Account Bound)

  • 1x Thara Frog Card
  • 1x Raydric Card
  • 2x Zerom Card

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